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Trace Mobile Number in Pakistan With Name And CNIC For Free

In Pakistan, mobile phones are crucial, but tracing numbers with names and CNIC can be difficult. We want to help users by simplifying the phone tracking process. With the increasing number of mobile users, unknown calls are also rising, causing frustration.

 Our article will offer an easy method to trace any number, providing the caller’s name and CNIC details. Say goodbye to annoying unknown calls!

Trace Mobile Number with Name of Person

If you want to find someone’s mobile number, you can use their name to search for it. Just type their name into the search box, and the system will show you a list of relevant records. When you find the right record, click on “View Details” to see the information about that person.

Another way to trace a mobile number is by using the person’s address. If you enter their address, the system will give you the exact location of their mobile phone, along with the caller’s number. This helps you find out where the call is coming from.

Mobile Number Tracker by CNIC

If you need a reliable and free way to track mobile numbers in Pakistan, the Mobile Number Tracker by CNIC is a great option. It’s easy to use with a simple interface. Just enter the CNIC number of the person you want to track, and the app will show you their details.

This is helpful when you lose your phone and want to find it or if you need to know the name, address, and phone number of someone.

How to Check Mobile Number Information

In Pakistan, mobile phones are essential for everyone, but tracing a number with the owner’s name and CNIC is difficult. To help users, we’ve written an article to simplify the phone tracking process. 

With the increasing number of mobile users, unknown calls have become a nuisance. People need an easy way to trace numbers and find the owner’s details. Our article will show them how!

  • Zong: Send SMS to 668
  • Ufone: Send SMS to 668
  • Jazz: Send SMS to 668
  • Telenor: Send SMS to 668

Online Mobile Number Details

Finding details about a mobile number online can be tough, but using a tracking system makes it possible. 

This system gives you all the necessary info about a mobile number, like the owner’s name, SIM information, Sim card type, and location. It’s easy to use and gives accurate results within minutes.

How to Get Current Mobile Location Online

To find your current location using your mobile phone, follow these easy steps:

1. Open the Google Maps app on your phone.

2. Look for the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top-right corner and tap on it.

3. Choose “My Location” from the options.

4. Tap “Find My Location.”

That’s it! Now, the screen will show you where you are on the map.

Mobile Number Tracker with Current Location

To find the current location of a person or device, you need a GPS tracking system. These systems are commonly used to monitor employees and children and for personal safety. If you want an easy-to-use GPS tracking software, consider these options:

  • PKtech Mobile App: Helps you find your Android phone easily.
  • Cell Tracker: A popular toolkit that uses advanced technology to track your mobile phone’s location.
  • GSM Spy: A powerful toolkit with small hardware that requires a SIM card for tracking.

Trace Number Location Through Satellite

GPS is a navigation system that uses satellites to give precise location details. It’s owned by the US government and helps people all around the world know where they are and how fast they are moving.

When a cell phone makes a call or sends a text, it sends a signal to a satellite, which then sends the signal to a ground station and a central database. Law enforcement and authorized people can access this database to find out the phone’s location.

GPS Mobile Trace Locator Toolkit

Discover Your Android Phone Details with PKtech Mobile App

Are you constantly misplacing your Android phone and struggling to locate it? Look no further! Introducing PKtech Mobile App, the ultimate solution that allows you to effortlessly find your Android phone details with ease.

Subheading: Unveiling the Power of Cell Tracker – Your Reliable GPS Mobile Trace Locator Toolkit

If you are looking for a reliable GPS mobile trace locator toolkit, Cell Tracker is the one you can count on. With cutting-edge technology, Cell Tracker offers an exceptional way to track the precise location of your mobile phone in real time.

Subheading: Unparalleled Performance with GSM Spy – The Powerful GPS Mobile Trace Locator Toolkit

Unleash the true potential of GPS mobile tracking with GSM Spy, a robust and powerful trace locator toolkit. This remarkable device comes in a matchbox-sized hardware form, making it convenient to use. Simply insert the SIM card, and you are all set to experience the advanced tracking capabilities.


You can trace a mobile number with a name and CNIC in Pakistan by using online mobile number tracking websites or mobile apps that offer this service. These platforms use public databases and information sources to provide details related to the owner of the mobile number.

Yes, there are several mobile apps available for Android and iOS platforms that claim to provide free mobile number tracing services in Pakistan. However, it’s essential to research and use reputable apps to ensure accuracy and data privacy.

While free mobile number tracing websites may provide some information, the reliability of the results may vary. Free services might not be as accurate as paid options, and the data might not be up-to-date or comprehensive.


This easy-to-follow guide will show you different ways to trace mobile numbers in Pakistan. By using these methods, you can find out the names of unknown callers and track the location of mobile devices. If you face any problems or have questions, just leave a comment, and we’ll be happy to help you right away.

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